Media Appearances


2015, Téléjournal Ontario, Parlera da la retourne de la chasse à l’ours printanière, 30 October.

2015, Appeared as guest on Global’s Morning Show, “Black Bear Management in Ontario,” 2 June.

2014, Appeared as a panelist on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin, “The Simpsons at 25.” 17 December.

2014, Interview with Hugo Duchaine about the spring bear hunt and Bear Wise for Le Téléjournal Ontario (ICI Radio Canada) 10 June. (Segment begins at 16:30 into broadcast)


2016, “What exactly is Northern Ontario?” CBC Up North, 16 August.

2016, “Where’s the Beef” Superior Morning (CBC Thunder Bay), 10 August.

2016, “New online project maps out Northern Ontario infrastructure,” Morning North, 29 June.

2015, CBC Sudbury, “Reaction to the return of the spring bear hunt.” 2 November.

2015, Appeared on Country 600 CKAT (North Bay) with Bob Coles, 26 August.

2015, Appeared as guest on CBC Radio One’s Morning Superior, “Spring Bear Hunt Makes Financial Sense,” 24 August.

2015, Appeared on Country 105.3 CKTG (Thunder Bay) “Report Recommends Reinstating Spring Bear Hunt,” 21 August.

2015, Appeared on CJKL Radio (Kirkland Lake) with Alan Pedwell about Northern Policy Institute’s spring bear hunt commentary, 21 August.

2015, Appeared as guest on CBC Radio One’s Up North, “Northern Ontario historian and analyst looks at the history of bears,” 10 August.

2015, Appeared as guest on CBC Radio One’s Ontario Today, “Who to Call About a Bear,” 5 June.

2015, Appeared as guest on Newstalk 610 CKTB’s Larry Fedoruk Show to talk about black bear management in Ontario, 3 June.

2015, Interview with Markus Schwabe from CBC Radio One Sudbury, Morning North. “Analysis of MNR Number’s On Last Years Spring Bear Hunt.” 26 January.

2014, Interview with Jason Turnbull for CBC Radio One Sudbury, Up North. “Superstack has Historical Significance.” 17 November.

2014, Interview with Jason Turnbull for CBC Radio One Sudbury, Points North. “PhD Student Talks About Bear Hunt Science.”  2 May.

2013, Interview with Jason Turnbull from CBC Radio One Sudbury, Points North. “PhD Student Looks at the History of Bear Hunt.” 18 November.

2013, Interview with Lisa Laco from CBC Radio One Thunder Bay, Superior Morning. “Spring Bear Hunt.” 9 October.

2013, Interview with Barry Mercer from CBC Radio One Sudbury, Morning North. “An academic look at the spring bear hunt.” 20 August.

2013, Interview with Jason Turnbull from CBC Radio One Sudbury, Points North, “Bear hunt has long history,” 10 April.


2016, CBC Thunder Bay, “More beef in the North? Mike Commito thinks so,” 10 August.

2016, Don MacDonald, “Sudbury PoV: Northern mentality holds region back,” Sudbury Star, 6 August.

2016, staff, “What does it mean to be ‘northern’ and why should we care.”  29 July.

2016, Sudbury Star staff, “Is Sudbury still a ‘northern’ city?” 29 July.

2016, Marina von Stackelberg, “Interactive map lets northerners view region’s infrastructure,” CBC Sudbury, 29 June.

2016, Jonathan Migneault, “Researcher teaches local children to be ‘bear aware,’”, 18 May.

2015, Ashley Csanady, “ ‘Political killing’ or ‘economic opportunity’? Ontario spring bear hunt extended amid cheers and jeers,” 3 November.

2015, Michael Robinson, “Spring bear hunt to be reinstated in Ontario,” 3 November.

2015, Jonathan Migneault, “Expanded spring bear hunt a boon for northern economy, says analyst,” 31 October.

2015, ICI Radio-Canada. “Chasse printanière à l’ours : réactions positives dans le Nord.” 30 October.

2015, Erik White, “Federal election: What the party platforms say about northern Ontario,” 15 October.

2015, CBC Sudbury, “Sudbury committee seeks long-term plan to address bears,” 15 September.

2015, Ashley Csanady, “Why reviving Ontario’s spring bear hunt would be good for economy,” National Post, 15 September.

2015, Jim Moodie, “Return of spring bear hunt possible,” North Bay Nugget, 27 August.

2015, Alan S. Hale, “Report calls for return of spring bear hunt,” Timmins Press, 26 August.

2015, Jim Moodie, “Spring bear hunt debate begins,” Sudbury Star, 26 August.

2015, CBC Sudbury, “Spring bear hunt could re-inject millions into the province: report.” 25 August.

2015, CBC Thunder Bay, “Spring bear hunt: bring it back in full to boost Ontario economy, researcher says,” 24 August.

2015, Jamie Smith, “Spring bear hunt could generate millions annually: Report.” TB News Watch, 21 August.

2015, Darren MacDonald, “Report: Permanent spring bear hunt an economic opportunity for Ont.” Northern Life, 21 August.

2015, Sudbury Star, “Bring back spring bear hunt on trial basis: Report.” 21 August.

2015, North Bay Nugget, “Spring bear hunt worth millions – report,” 21 August.

2015, Jim Moodie, Sudbury Star, “New cubs on the block,” 8 August.

2015, Darren MacDonald, Northern Life, “Summer is here and the bears are a-roaming,” 15 July.

2015, David Bateman, Toronto Star, “Ontario Bears Shot in 70 Percent of Instances Where Response is Required,” 4 June.

2015, Ashley Csanaday, National Post, Don’t Blame the End of the Spring Bear Hunt on Newmarket Bear: Expert,” 2 June.

2015, Jessica Brosseau, Mid-North Monitor, “Laurentian Professor Gets Hanley in the Canadian Encyclopedia,” 26 February.


2015, Interview with Naël Shiab about social media and politics for ICI Radio Canada. 2 February.

2014, History Slam Episode Forty-Six: Ontario’s Spring Bear Hunt with Sean Graham for History Slam (podcast available on iTunes or 9 July.

2014, Interview with Mark Brosen, producer for The Agenda, for Agenda Plus. “The History of Ontario’s Spring Bear Hunt.” 20 March.


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